Retail Products

The following high quality products are available to the general public and to wholesale customers in our retail yard.

Compost – High quality compost made right here at Phillips Soil Products.  Nutritive yet low in salts without the sodium and chloride content common to dairy manure compost.  Light in weight for easy transport and placement unlike yard debris compost.  Great for improving organic matter and nutrient content in depleted soils.

Aged Dark Fine Douglas Fir Bark – A very attractive dark bark for landscape beds, paths, borders, gardens and also great for increasing the organic matter in depleted soils.

Bright Red Medium Douglas Fir Bark – Ideal for those who prefer bright red bark for landscaping.

Hemlock Bark – Medium red to brown in color and medium in texture.  Great for landscape beds with fewer splinters than Douglas Fir bark.

Hog Fuel – Large chunks of Douglas Fir bark ideal for mud control in horse pasture and high traffic areas where soil tends to turn to mud.

33F Professional Growing Medium – Ideal for a wide range of plants such as flowers, vegetables, hanging baskets and more.

Spring Soil – A highly nutritive potting soil designed for raised bed gardening.  Just plant starts or seeds and watch them flourish.

Pumice – 3 grades of pumice for a variety of applications.  Use it to return volume to shrinking raised beds, make pathways or make your own greenroofing growing media.

*All retail products are subject to availability and sold in 1 cubic yard increments.

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